Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach offers beautiful quartz white sand that stays cool to the touch, calm relaxing waves, crystal clear water, and excellent facilities. Regularly rated by travel experts as one of the best beaches in the world and as the best beach in America, it the island’s most top attraction and gathering place.

Siesta Key Beach Aerial

Those who are on family vacations will spend much of their time on Siesta Beach with its world class amenities and close proximity to the fun and exciting restaurants and shops, and destinations in Siesta Village. No matter what time of year that you choose to visit Siesta Key, Siesta Beach is always a great option for your days out on the beach.

Amenities at Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach’s amenities make it stand out truly, as one of the best beaches anywhere. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or let the kids play on the shaded playground. There are plenty of picnic areas available for a relaxing and enjoyable beach lunch or meal.

Lifeguards are on duty several months of the year and throughout the summer so that you and your family can safely enjoy swimming here. Anytime you need a quick bite to eat or a refreshing drink you can get one at the nearby concession stands. Beach wheelchairs are available for anyone who needs them, and there are also showers, restrooms and changing areas.

Beach Amenities

Clear and calm water perfect for families

Siesta Beach happens to be one of the safest beaches anywhere. The calm and shallow waters make it great for families with young children or those who are learning how to swim. The water is usually clear and stays shallow for a long distance out. The constant attention of lifeguards helps to ensure your safety, but it’s always important to follow swimming safety guidelines. The beach is flat with firmly packed sand, making it great for walking with a stroller, jogging or biking. You also won’t have to worry about stepping on shell fragments on the crystalline sands of Siesta Beach.

What is the weather on Siesta Key Beach?

The weather on Siesta Key Beach is near perfect throughout the year. During the summer the beach is packed as the water temperatures are at their warmest. The weather averages highs of around 90-92 degrees during the summer months and lows around 70 degrees. Winter months are the coolest, but the weather averages highs of around 75 degrees and lows of 50 during the evenings, which still makes it a pleasant time to visit and enjoy the beach. Gulf water temperatures are very pleasant and swimmable on Siesta Beach during most days of the year.

Where is Siesta Key Beach?

Siesta Key Beach is located at 948 Beach Road, just about a 5 minute drive from Horizons West. You can drive to the beach and park there which is a convenient option. On busy days it can be better to get a ride there. Bus route 11 has a stop near Horizons West that you can take directly to Siesta Beach or you can easily take a taxi or Uber there from our condo complex.


Where to park at Siesta Key Beach

Parking is available in the Siesta Beach public lot which has recently been expanded to include several more spots. The lot is located at 598 Beach Road and the renovations have been quite extensive in order to make the lot larger and more accessible. It’s perfect to park there if you are driving to the beach, but try to get there early as this lot can fill up quickly.

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