What’s the Weather on Siesta Key?

Siesta Key is known for having beautiful weather throughout most of the year, warm pleasant waters, and gorgeous world class beaches, making it ideal for ocean swimming, water sports like surfing, parasailing, and kayaking and beach recreation.

Siesta Key weather varies throughout the year, with the warmest months in the spring and summer, warm autumns and mild winters. January through March and June through August are some of the most popular months to visit Siesta Key with several events being held during this period of time and excellent weather.


Summers are hot and winters are mild

The summers (June through August) in Siesta Key are hot with average high temperatures around 91 degrees and average lows around 70 degrees. Of course, this makes it perfect for beachgoing, as the calm and clear waters around Siesta Key are a pleasant average of around 85-87 degrees.

You will feel comfortable swimming in the water for as long as you want during the summer. You’ll find the public beaches filled with plenty of people swimming and enjoying ocean sports. Although the days can be warm, the pleasant temperature of the Gulf water is the perfect contrast and always offers an enticing opportunity to cool off and enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery.

Winters are cool and warmer than most of the country

A main reason why people enjoy visiting Siesta Key January through March is because the area is much warmer than the rest of the country during this time of year. The seasons transition from winter to spring during these months with gradually warmer weather.

High temperatures are around 75 degrees in January and February and 80 degrees in March. Lows are around 50-54 degrees during these months. This makes for very mild winters, and some of the most popular times to visit during these months include New Years, Valentines Day, and close to the Easter holiday season.


Winter Gulf water temperatures are swimmable for many

Water temperatures during the winter months hover around anywhere from 65 to 72 degrees. Most people will find it comfortable swimming when the water temperatures are closer to 72 degrees, but when it drops below 72 it may not be comfortable for some people.

It’s worth testing out a quick swim or surf during this time of the year when you are vacationing to Siesta Beach, as many people are able to tolerate the slightly cooler water. However, you can rest assured that the water will be pleasant most days through the spring, summer, and well into the fall.

The area’s humidity is tempered by the ocean

Although the Sarasota area and Siesta Key has high humidity throughout the year and in the summer which adds to the heat index, the heat is tempered by the breezes from the ocean as well as afternoon thunderstorms. When it rains in the area it can be intense but the storms are usually short.

Wear loose clothing and cool off in the ocean

It’s a good idea to wear loose light clothing during the warmer months and of course you can always cool yourself off in the ocean. The Gulf water is comfortable for most people throughout the year and the top beaches on the island like Siesta Beach offer safe and comfortable swimming with shallow waters and small waves.

Point of Rocks Siesta Key Beach

There’s nothing quite like taking a beach vacation to Siesta Key, which features some of the world’s best and highest rated beaches, warm waters, and pleasant Siesta Key weather throughout the year. Although the summer and first 3 months of the year are a great time to visit with the events, people and excitement, you can enjoy a less crowded island during the other months of the year while still being able to swim in pleasantly warm waters and enjoying ocean sports.

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